“Hikari-gaoka Share House Project” Opens the Doors to the Young and the Old

As people get older, they tend to keep to themselves by staying indoors. A recent survey run by the Japanese government proved that the number of people who die alone are on the increase. On the other hand, young students who live alone also tend to keep to themselves. Some people may not even know the name or the face of their neighbor.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if generations could help each other?
The “Hikari-gaoka Share House Project” supports the aged as well as the young. This project consists of retired seniors and young graduate students living together in a shared complex. The whole project takes place in Tokyo’s Nerima district.
Ms. Naomi Arakawa who is one of the representatives of the project belongs to NPO Musubi where they conduct home nursing services for the aged.

I started the share house project because I felt that the retired seniors do not have choices but to either enter a nursing home or live at home alone. However, living alone causes the quality of life to drop, not to mention health. That is why in most cases, people decide to enter a nursing home.

She believes that people can live happily if there is interaction within the community.

Closing your doors means that you are closing from society and communication and that is the core problem. That is why people need to interact and be happy and feel secure.

Ms. Arakawa (Right)
When people live in apartments and complexes, they tend to close the door and keep to themselves. Ms. Arakawa hopes the project will have an openness to it where people feel secured with each others presence.

[via Greenz.jp]
[English Text: Miki Murata]