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green drinks Tokyo Reports: June – September 2013.

Greenz aims to empower social designers who will create the future with their own hands. We provide meet-up event “green drinks Tokyo” so that participants can exchange their own idea with each others.

Green drinks is held on every second Thursday of the month. Each time we have a mixture of people from various fields such as NPO/NGO, social entrepreneur, creator and designers. We have lots of fun discussing over social design with drinks and foods.

So, let’s take a look at what people discussed about in the last four months.

green drinks Tokyo June: How To Participate In Politics

On June, we invited Haruki Tanimoto (member of “One Voice Campaign”) and Toshinari Yokoo (ward councillor of Minato-ku, Tokyo) to discuss about participating in politics. After that, Nao Suzuki (publisher of Greenz) organized “Senkyo-Camp” to change politics to “our own” matters.

Toshinari Yokoo was saying,

There are many ways to take part in politics like voting, protesting, being politician, and more. But the important thing is to connect with the city continuously. Try always to think about your social problem and find a right politician. Then you can even vote for that person.

At this night, we served “Mokomeshi” sandwiches as a catering menu. We arranged 2 unique baskets for choices which have 36% possibility of getting Japanese beef sandwiches, and 64% for croquettes. Of course, whatever people choose, everything was delicious!

green drinks Tokyo July: Hints For Making “OUR” Future

On July, we invited Natsuko Shiraki (CEO of jewelry brand “HASUNA”), Satoko Terakura and Ai Matsumiya from “Patagonia” to think about making “our” future. At first part, each guest shared the visions and stories of their company. And in the second half, lots of ideas came out for better living and working style.

Natsuko Shiraki was talking about her “10%” idea,

It’s always better to keep 10% of your energy and time queuing. Since I started trying this, I have more motivations for work and chances to meet great people.

At this night, we served “PEACE DELI” dishes for a catering menu. The food made from organic products (and even condiments!) were so tasty and gorgeous!

green drinks Tokyo August: 7th Anniversary Party Of Greenz

On August, we celebrated the 7th anniversary of Greenz! Firstly, Yoshihiro Kanematsu ( Chief Editor – YOSH) explained about “green drinks” and announced the “now” and “new” of Greenz.
After the keynotes of the latest Greenz, a discussion about “what’s great about Greenz?” was held. Official “greenz people” members were attending;

Shintaro Uchinuma (Founder of “numabooks”)
Yasuhiro Yamauchi (Founder of “MANGANIGHT”)
Kenta Nakamura (CEO of “Shigotohyakka”)
Hironori Nakahara (CEO of “nD inc.”).

YOSH says,

We never trash any ideas for an article, we always try to figure out the way of telling it by Greenz style.

Tasty Japanese beef burgers, natural yeast breads, and distinct enzyme-rich juices are served from “PEACE DELI”.

green drinks Tokyo September: “Now” Of Social Designs

On September, we organized green drinks at “Little Tokyo”. We held the talking session about “Creating better society” inviting 4 guests who wrote a book about “social designs”.
Takashi Fukui, director of “2025PROJECT”, explained that “social design” is opened for every person.

If there are ideas and power to make an action, every person has a potential of making social designs. It is not only for creators.

At this night, unique scones, shortbreads, and salads were served from Kaori Ozawa cooking for “good idea inspirations”.
The session went so exciting that many people stayed until 10 p.m. to discuss more about the future of social designs!
These are just highlights. There are many more things we wanna tell and discuss about. If you are living in Tokyo or nearby, don’t hesitate to come in. You are always welcomed to join in green drinks.

[via written by Kenji Ishimura]
[via written by Akiko Kajiwara]
[via written by Eriko Masumura]
[via written by Kota Suzuki + Yuto Miyamoto]
[English Text by Yoshikazu Eri]


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