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Strippable Paint Gives Children Infinite Possibilities


Have you ever painted your face in your childhood? It might be so fun and exciting at the moment. But once your clothes get dirty, it could be hard to wash out. Then your parents can’t help but scolding!
If there are any colors easily erase and good for skin and environment, how it will be? If you can express yourself with painting as much as you want, couldn’t it be a real miracle?
Miracle Paint” is made of natural latex. This material is ecological as it returns a soil in half and a year. It is also good for your skin because it has been used for cosmetic for longtime. The most ‘miracle’ point is it can be peeled off after it dries.
It can be used in various ways, such as painting T-shirts. Some lady used it as socks creepers for their kids.

Road to invent the strippable paint

Creator of this incredible sticker, Toyohiro Hirano wanted to create something fresh and new in the world. However, creating ‘the world’s first’ wasn’t so easy.
Toyohiro Hirano

His turning point was Japan-Korea world cup. Then, he found out an expendable thing for supporters is only face paints. Therefore, he wanted to make ‘the world’s first’ face paint, which is not burden for skin as well as environmentally friendly.

Failures are irreplaceable experiences.

Hirano organizes a couple of workshops to let people know the infinite possibilities of miracle paint. For example, one workshop did an activity call ‘let’s paint your dad and mom faces!’ This activity can’t do without miracle paint!
His workshop aims to expand children’s creativity and expression. On the other hand, some parents persuade their kids to follow their idea like “do this”, “not that” and “this color is better.”
He is anxious about their behaviors because it makes limitation to infinite possibilities of children. He says he wants children to be learned from failures.

After you know how hard failures are, you are pleased with your success. Life is always trial and error, but loads of small successes will give you a confident at last. Every precious experiences including fails give you strength and motive.

Every failure is a stepping stone to success indeed.Do you have any experiences you have failed in your life? What have you learn from the failure? I hope we can learn something from our difficult time.
[via written by Hiromi Nishide]
[English Text by Mao Ono]


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