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Should Politics be More Closed to Us?! green drinks Tokyo provides some tips for you.

When you hear this word ‘politics’, what kind of images do you have? It might be difficult for most people to take politics as ‘your own matter’.
“green drinks Tokyo”, ‘how to use politics’ was held in 14th November 2013. We invited special guests to make politics ‘your own matter.’
The first guest, Toshinari Yokoo is a ward councilor in Minato ward Tokyo, as well as representative of nonprofit organization Green Bird. We also welcomed Shintaro Eguchi who is an editor, a journalist, and also a founder of “One Voice Campaign.”

‘Create’ and ‘Change’

Yokoo published “how to start ‘change the society’; 6 ways of making future we want” in October. While greenz holds out a slogan ‘creating the future we want,’ he chose the word ‘change the society.’
Yokoo says,

I think ‘creating society’ means piling up citizen’s efforts. After you have put all your efforts on making an ideal society, you will find out several matters to change.
There are many problems you can’t solve, unless you change the model of society. This is the phase of ‘changing society’ and you should use ‘politics’ to do that.

Toshinari Yokoo (front)
On the other hand, greenz thinks ‘social design’ is a framework to encourage people to create the future with their own hands. The Yokoo’s publication gave some key points how to grasp the phase of ‘changing society.’
Chief editor of “” YOSH says,

I feel like it seems he has already printed what I want to publish in our next paper publication!


Our everyday life and politics are connected strongly.

Eguchi, who published ‘public shift’ in June 2013, says

We need to make politics more closed to every person. When we consider the system of society in a big picture, politicians are representative of us. So, to blame politicians means to blame ourselves. This is how democratic society works.
Therefore, we should take it considers our society to recognize connections between everyday life and politics.

Shintaro Eguchi (left)
Yokoo and Eguchi established new web magazine “machi no koto” to spread good ideas makes your life better. Eguchi says,

I think community development has become more popular than before. However, social entrepreneurs and change makers are not so many. To make matters worse, there is no system to manage local problems.
Yokoo wants everyone to think politics to be closed to us. I hope our new web magazine will raise awareness about politics and community issues.


Raising our voice

One of the participants asked them passionately,

Politics became more familiar with us thanks to technologies. But I am afraid we haven’t change our attitudes. What is your opinion about this situation?

Yokoo answered,

Politician and government are rarely said you are great, while protest campaigns always gather so many people. Therefore a few protesters can overwhelm thousands of supporters. Wouldn’t it be nice if supporters raise their voices and say positive opinions?

As Yokoo says, it might be a great idea if we hold “a positive demonstration.” In your countries, what do you stand for? Are there anything you can do to create the better future? Positive actions might be a beginning for changing society.
[via written by Kota Suzuki + Yuto Miyamoto]
[English Text by Mao Ono]


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