"Otona no Senaka" tells parents to be honest with themselves

In Japan, there is a cultural idea: “Children grow as they look at the back of their parents.” However, usually parents are struggling to be honest with themselves, and be in a doubt about who they really are and how to behave as a mother or father. “Otona no Senaka” is a project to drive awareness of this situation.
“Otona no Senaka” was established by Megumi Kotake, who worked as a kindergarten teacher. “Otona” means an adult, and “Senaka” means one’s back in Japanese. The project aims to make adults happy, because it will result in a happiness of children through this activity.
Let’s take a look at what kind of activities they’re organizing.
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This is an activity that gives an opportunity for parents to talk with other parents. Through this activity, parents realize that they really enjoy parenting and talk about their kids. Furthermore, sharing troubles and find solutions in this activity is really helpful for them.
Kotake says,

If you carefully look at adults in today’s society, you will find people being struggling to be honest with themselves and be in a doubt about who you really are. You will also realize that there is no place for them to speak their mind out so they feel left out of the society.
I think these insecurities emerged from adults surely have a negative effect on children and eventually will cause social issues such as social withdrawal, bullying, and other mental issues. If my assumption is true, making adults happy is a shorter path to make children smile.

Megumi Kotake
Having a conversation with others and be honest with yourself is really simple, but great idea in many situations. I want to say thank you to my parents. If you have kids, why don’t you give them a big hug?
[via Greenz.jp written by Manami Sugimoto]
[English Text by Ayumu Hiraiwa]


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