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Folding Your Daily Thankfulness With Love "Origami Origami" [Inspirations For DIY Gift]


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Gift is not just about spending money, but more about giving your “time” to your precious person.
“Inspirations for DIY Gift” is a serial article series by Yoshikazu Eri, one of our very first writer intern members. By this project, he aims to widen possibilities and choices of DIY gifts.

When is the last time you gave a gift? Your friend’s birthday party? Wedding party? It seems like gifting happens mostly on a special day. However, how about giving it on a non-special day to express daily thankfulness to your lovely person?
When you give a gift, do you wrap it by yourself? Or you get a wrapping service at the store? I recently found one fantastic item which may be perfect for anyone who wants to embellish thankfulness. It uses Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, but creating a whole new style. Here’s what I mean.

Making a dotted colorful pocket for gifting home-made cupcakes!
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Flowers with Origami wrapping!
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Adding just one Origami and it’s way more colorful!
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Your own DIY gift package – “Origami Origami”

Inspired by the atmosphere of Paris, “Origami Origami” by Designphil Inc lets you create cute and vivid arrangements by folding, cutting, taping, and curling the 15cm square-size Origami paper.
Some people imagine a paper crane when hear the word “Origami”, but there are a lot more things you can do with it. For example, wrapping flowers, making party ornaments, and even for decorating your dishes! You can arrange almost anything by using “Origami Origami.”
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The concept goes,

From travel souvenirs to home-made pastry, “Origami Origami” helps people to send daily tiny thankfulness like “thank you” and “keep it up!”. So that the day could be a little more special.

“Origami Origami” is so unique because it’s not just about shaping objects or wrapping boxes. Your gift will be brighten up by crafting it to make curtains and flower wrappings as party ornaments.
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Fashionable gift with love

As for me, one of the most exciting moments in life is, when opening up a gift package. I feel thankfulness and “what’s inside?” with excitement.
Let’s say that you see someone wearing stunning clothes, and realize that it’s actually hand-made. Isn’t it so appealing? “Origami Origami” is like a fashion for gifting. It could make your gift more fashionable with surprises.
Let’s Origami Origami! © Designphil Inc. All rights reserved.
I love to think about “how” for giving gifts as much as “what” to give. Also, I feel that this item could give more choices for “how”. Even just giving one thankful letter, you can cut and tape to decorate it. I’m sure that it wouldn’t be expensive but priceless with love.
How would you send thankful messages with Origami? It’s just a paper, but you can do a lot with it. Why not fold a daily thankfulness with Origami, to cherish every single day and your beloved person?
[Text by Yoshikazu Eri]

“Origami Origami”

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