Design Thinking Saves Flooding Victims [Good Ideas from East Asia]


(Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images) Some rights reserved by dany13
Please look at the picture above. It was taken in October 2011, at Ayutthaya, Thailand.
Because of severe Tropical Storm Nock-ten, flooding spread through many provinces of the country, and flood waters even reached the urban areas. Over 800 people found dead and 13.6 million people affected. (*) As a result, Bangkok, capital city of the country, was listed to one of the most vulnerable cities in Asia. (*)
On this post, I would like to introduce two impressive design projects from Thailand. Both are very distinctive because of their use of ‘design thinking process.’


You may think kids are playing with plastic bottles, as look at the picture above. But, that’s not true. They’re trying a life preserver made from plastic bottles and fishing nets!
“Design for Disasters (D4D)” is a team consists of young designers, artists, and academics. They share ideas and solutions to make life-saving devices. Every instruction is easy to understand, and all you have to prepare is everyday objects, such as plastic bottles, fishing nets, ropes, plastic bags, and rubber bands.
To raise awareness about disasters, D4D shares their ideas by distributing a cartoon booklet. Furthermore, they hold exhibitions and concerts too. As a result, Royal Thai government and WHO approached D4D for collaboration.
Plastic bags transform into a life jacket, so easily!
“Plastic Transformer”


Private vehicle for travelling during flood
Organized by Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC), this creative collaboration contest was designed to pick the ten best sketch designs and prototype products for national disaster. All designs demonstrate how ‘design thinking process’ may help flood victims. What makes this contest unique is all designs are not fighting against natural disasters, but to live with.
Water monitoring system
Emergency signage system
Floating public toilet
TCDC shares detailed prototype informations on “Design for Flood” contest page. Furthermore, you can read some creative suggestions from TCDC to designers. Why don’t you contribute your ideas to improve?

Design Thinking helps us!

Japan experienced a huge earthquake and tsunami 3 years ago. Since then, government has argued about countermeasures against disaster, but personally I think more citizen should be involved. If ‘design thinking process’ combines with civic actions, people would be more conscious and creative toward unavoidable accident.
We, greenz global are not only focused on Japanese social projects, because creating entrepreneur community in East Asia is also our important mission. Wouldn’t it be nice if we get together to create the future? We are always welcome to talk to you!
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