"Papamama" lets young people experience pregnancy, before being a parent.


Have you ever thought of giving birth? You may be excited to imagine it. At the same time, however, you are supposed to be worried a lot about having a baby: How about money? How about my job?? How can I take care of my baby???
Papa to mama ni narumaeni,” (before being a father and mother) gives to think about marriage, having a baby, and raising a child. They, ”Papa mama” set a goal that more and more men and women dream to become fathers and mothers like a dream job.
the event by “Papa mama”

Are you ready to be a father or mother?

“Papa mama” held an event that you could experience being pregnant before it became a reality. Also, you could learn and chat with people who have the same situation. Surprisingly, a system of experiencing pregnancy, Mommy Tummy makes it possible to go through the long period of pregnancy for just 2 minutes.
Let’s try on Mommy Tummy!
Takayuki Kosaka, ‘father’ of Mommy Tummy, hopes that once people found how hard women in pregnancy are, they would change their attitude to them with having warmth.
Takayuki Kosaka
Late in the event, a family, Chika, Kimi, and Rintaro shared stories about their childbirth and raising a kid. Kimi said,

I’ve had someone very special, Rintaro whom I never want to lose. That is wonderful!

left:Chika, middle: Rintaro, right: Kimi
Organizer of the event, Pirominko says,

I decided to start “papamama” only because of my yearning to pregnant women, so I couldn’t imagine my marriage and childbirth at first. Since I heard many impressive episodes from various families, now my mind is made up. I am prepared to be mom.

Everyone is filled with as much anxiety as hope of having a baby. Why don’t you experience pregnancy “before being a father and mother”? You may feel the preciousness of life and dream to have a baby without your worries.

[via Greenz.jp written by Yuto Miyamoto]
[English Text by Miyu Murofushi]


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