"mocomeshi" designs surprising situation for eating.


Do you have any ideas what these are in the picture above?
…Actually, it is a catered party table!!! You have never seen food hangs from a tree, have you?

Tomoko Ozawa, who established a project “mocomeshi”, is a food designer. With a concept “designing situation for eating,” she caters for reception parties, wedding parties and holds cooking school and events in a new way.
Tomoko Ozawa
Tomoko Ozawa
Ozawa used to be an interior designer, and her experience is reflected to create a unique food and space. Look at this picture carefully. Foods are not on real plates, but they are on hand drawn plates of paper.
After guests enjoyed their meal, those drawn plates are torn off and pictures of empty plates pop out from underneath.
Then mocomeshi arranges flowers onto those empty plates to decorate the table.
She said she does not create art, just uses an aspect of art to solve daily problems.

I focus more on to solve daily questions and frustration, and would like to make a better situation. I am not happy every time I see messed tables as a party goes on, which let the idea come to my mind. Why don’t you arrange flowers on empty dishes? I believe people cannot put their trash beside beautiful flowers.

“mocomeshi” shows that food is not just its taste; with her concept – “designing situation for eating” makes a lot of possibilities of food which is beyond people’s expectation and gives surprises at every moment.
What’s the next you’ll see in the mocomeshi’s food?

[via Greenz.jp written by Yuki Hirakawa]
[English Text by Miyu Murofushi]


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