LOTS OF HEART PROJECT spreads our "Thank you" over the world.


“THANK YOU” It’s the word we use in everyday life. I think there are no other words which make connection among people deeper. However, what if we can tell our gratitude without any words? It would be beyond the border so easily!
Youji Shibaoka established LOTS OF HEART PROJECT to figure out what he could do for 311 revivals. Since the massive earthquake hit Tohoku region, Japanese people have been supported from overseas so much. How could we show our appreciation for the world? He started creating graphics using heart with a message to call for help. Soon as it is uploaded to online, he got a lot of sensation.
One of the responses he got was from a Japanese lady who lived in Lyon, France. She hanged his graphic poster in a charity bazaar. Her neighbours were very impressed with the heart design.
Shibaoka says,

Heart is the symbol of love which is universal around the world. I may be able to show the appreciation without “Thank you” if people throughout the world see this heart design.

Now “LOTS OF HEART PROJECT” spread widely and we can see many posters in varied places.
A library in Sweden
A cafe in Australia
Mr. Shibaoka also made the video editing numerous pictures from the world.

We can never live without help from others, though we can easily forget it sometimes. Also, it’s important to consider how we can tell our gratitude. Now, we know we have many ways to tell “thank you”, like using designs.

Why don’t you take a little time to show gratitude?

[Via Greenz.jp written by Kanako Tokutake]
[English text by Masafumi Kawachi]


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