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Are you satisfied with your job? Or feeling something is missing? If you do, it might be great to take a “Shigoto-Ryokou” trip.

“Shigoto” means “job”, and “ryokou” means “trip” in Japanese. What is great about “Shigoto-Ryokou” is that it’s not only about learning, but also by experiencing it, you can feel exactly how the job is like. 

From the list of more than 60 job varieties, you may find your adorable one and could be even possible to experience the daily work there!
A trip to flower shop
Let’s say you wanna run your own flower shop in the future, but don’t have any idea to start with. You can take a 1-day trip to the flower shop, and experience the work. And it costs just around ¥10.000yen (about $100). This is what “Shigoto-Ryokou” can do for you.

This unique service came up with Tsubasa Tanaka’s(Founder of “Shigoto-Ryokou” Company) idea; ‘Jobs can be more flexible and fun!’.
Tsubasa Tanaka

When I visited the company called “SOW EXPERIENCE”, I was blew my mind and felt like my world has widened. Employees seemed more casual and having so much fun doing their work compared to my previous job.

Tsubasa Tanaka knew there is such kind of company’s culture by reading some books. However, by seeing it directly through his eyes, he felt he had a completely different experience.
A trip to horse riding club

My “Shigoto-Ryokou” tripping experience

Actually, I am “Shigoto-Ryokou” tripper too. I visited vegetable farmer’s place in Chiba Prefecture and experienced the work there.
Beetroots were growing so well and also tasty!
Since I wasn’t born in farming family, I had no idea how could I start with even if I wanted to. It was such a valuable experience to know and feel how great, hard, and fun to be a farmer. I fully realized “knowing” and “experiencing” are totally different.

Not every people say ‘It totally changed my life!’ after “Shigoto-Ryokou” tripping. Some people realize how hard the work is. But this is not a negative feeling. During the trip, participants are having opportunities to think back how great their current job is.

Tsubasa Tanaka continues saying,

Some people work to make a better society.
Some people work to continue doing what they love.
Some people want to be surrounded by lovely nature and live slow life.
Some people are deeply into making money.
Some people are motivated working with colleagues to grow the company bigger.
Even if each person has different motivations for their work, there is one common thing. Everyone is fully enjoying it.

How about your job? Is it fun? Exciting? If not, experiencing different jobs might give you an inspiration and widen your possibilities.

[via written by Emiko Hida]
[English Text by Yoshikazu Eri @Yoshi’s Abroad]


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