Let's raise your kids together, "asobi-kichi"


Kids are treasures for our future. However, these days, parents in Japan are facing several obstacles that they need to deal with, such as: pressure of raising kids, keeping a balance between job and kids nursing, and sometimes depression. Here is a project that lights up parents who are raising their kids, “asobi-kichi”.

Mai Ogasawara, founder of “asobi-kichi” also a children’s nurse, had concerned about how to take care of kids.

Our lifestyle has been changed over the past few decades, but the way of raising children has not. To make matters worse, Japan does not have enough environment to support families having children.

Mai Ogasawara
To get over this situation, she decided to make a place to change the model of child-raising.

“Asobi-kichi” is the different type of place to support all the people looking after children right now and in the future. It helps children to know themselves, and adults will have deeper understanding about their child.

The place has several facilities:

1. the place for children to find their talents.
2. the place for adults to talk about their problems with their kids.
3. the community for adults to talk frankly each other anytime.
4. the place where all the people can be the way they are!

“Asobi-kichi” has four rules to be such a fantastic place.

1. All adults and kids are equal.
2. Never say negative words.
3. Never say something before they try to have child’s view.
4. Never forces your own view to others.

Who will play an important role in the future society? Of course, kids!!

Ms. Ogasawara keeps challenging to make a better environment where children can grow up with a lot of smiling. How can you have a good relationship with kids in your country? Is it the same how “asobi-kichi” does, or is there any different approach?

[via Greenz.jp written by Junya Mori ]
[English Text by Miyu Murofushi]


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