Greenz Opens "Little Tokyo" with Shigotohito.


In April, Greenz and Shigotohito announced they will open “Little Tokyo” in July, at Toranomon. Toranomon is a place where many corporate offices, TV & Radio stations, and government ministries are located. At this very central business district of Tokyo, Greenz and Shigotohito aim to create a small city where every person can get their dream job.
As you see, members of greenz and shigotohito wear uniforms of their dream jobs. For example, Nao Suzuki (publisher of Greenz) wants to be a car mechanic. Meanwhile, Yoshihiro Kanematsu ( Chief Editor – YOSH) wears Kimono because he wants to be a Rakugo performer.

So, aren’t you interested in Little Tokyo very much?   Let’s take a  look at the pre – opening ceremony and the first Green Drinks Tokyo at Little Tokyo.

Little Tokyo Pre-Opening Ceremony Quick Photo Report

A renovated sushi bar is the main space.
Nao Suzuki, Kenta Nakamura (shigotohito), and Hiroyuki Ono introducing the Little Tokyo project.
The pre – opening ceremony was held on July 26. So many guests were attending the party and the presentation was held twice. On the same day, Kenta Nakamura appeared on a radio program of J-Wave and discussed the pre-opening night of Little Tokyo.

Green Drinks Tokyo Quick Photo Report

YOSH and Hiroyuki Ono ( sub chief editor) introducing “”
Kota Suzuki (Greenz Global Chief Editor) also went up on the stage to announce Greenz Global.
Talk sessions were conducted by YOSH. They were discussing the future of
On August 1, Green Drinks Tokyo was held at Little Tokyo for the first time. Yoshihiro Kanematsu flew from Kagoshima to organize the event. All the advanced tickets were sold out immediately.

A Grand opening ceremony of Little Tokyo will take place in October. We will keep you posted of new updates!

(author: Kota Suzuki @2kaiprod)
[via Little Tokyo]


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